Hyperlocal Logistics

  • In September 2015, Zomato announced partnership with logistics providers Delhivery, Shadowfax technologies and Grab India.
  • In November 2015, Food panda group associated with IRCTC for food catering etc.
  • In May 2015, the Food panda, global cab aggregator Uber and OYO announced their partnerships to enhance experience of travelers in India.
  • Customers and business got less connected to business and consumers which resulted in rise of hyperlocal
  • Customers started ordering more and more products online due to the quarantine and social distancing issues, as they had no other option than to resort to delivery services. Lockdown effect and fear made people dependent on more and more online orders, thus giving a big boost to hyperlocal all across the country.
  • Many companies who were in e-commerce logistics, aggregation biz of cabs and bikes got affected due to this lockdown and were on the verge of closing down or suffered big losses. They found hyperlocal as a big opportunity and have jumped into it. This has given another big support and rise to hyperlocal in India. Few examples are Justmyroots, Ubereats, Rapido and many more.
  • This will lead to a permanent mindset shift in the masses as they have now tasted the convenience and benefits of digitization.
  • Business and entrepreneurs across the globe are expanding their hyperlocal operations.
  • My gut feeling is that the growth in the lockdown period has been over 100% month over month, at-least for the last few months. Though there are no figures to substantiate yet.
  • Logistics players have started to offer integrated “ one-stop shop” services to their customers by choosing different models .



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Pradeep Srivastav


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